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“I am very pleased with the orthodontic results achieved with Dr. G. I had braces on my bottom teeth for about 10 months and I am very happy with results. Dr. G estimated the time I would be in braces very accurately and thanks to him, my teeth are perfectly straight!”
Jamie Harrison

“Dr. Girardot and his entire staff are great. They are courteous, friendly and very professional. Dr. Girardot is more concerned about quality and a “total” solution – not just straightening teeth for cosmetic purposes. I have and will continue to highly recommend him.”
Richard Kingsley

“We have been patients of Dr. Girardot’s practice for years. His expertise is unmatched in the Denver area and I trust his ability and judgement.”
Lara Knuettel

“Dr. G’s practice amazed me a lot! His different techniques were very impressive! What changed my opinion the most was the TAD technique. It was great and effective. Thank you very much.”
Kirby Guynn

“I have found Dr. Girardot and his staff to demonstrate a professional level of care along with a high degree of personal care for patients. Dr. G personally met my daughter at 10pm to address an emergency and that exemplifies the level of care he provides for patients.”
Mike Delcupp

“Dr. Girardot is very professional. He “tells it like it is” so you know in advance what the treatment will be. I believe the results are worth taking the time to do it right. Thank you Dr. Girardot for giving me a long-term solution.”
Gerald Garbarino

“The quality of orthodontic care and treatment was amazing throughout the whole process and I am very pleased with the results of my treatment. Thank you Dr. G!”
Allison Cremer

“Dr. Girardot and staff were fantastic from start to finish. They made the uncomfortable process of orthodontic work significantly better. I always felt comfortable and cared for during each visit. Everyone was very responsive and took time to address issues and answer questions, I can’t say enough about the service provided.”
Rob Sherr

I love how beautiful my smile is! I never thought I had bad teeth until I saw my before and after pictures! Thank you for everything!
Carly Broady

“Thank you Dr. G and staff. I always felt cared for and my anxiety soothed. Shasta was the primary assistant that worked my case and she is awesome! She made my experience fun. I also appreciate the patience of receptionist upon scheduling because that’s always crazy with my schedule. I can’t believe how many compliments my mouth gets now.”
Heidi Hafenstine

“I’m very pleased and grateful for the improvement achieved in my bite through the orthodontia. Dr. G did a skillful job in correcting my problems and I’ve noticed that the symptoms related to my painful torus have greatly diminished. I also appreciated the thorough follow up treatment to maintain the results. Thank you Dr. G and staff!”
Kathleen Ritsema

“Dr. G and his staff were great! They were always willing to help. Staff was very sweet and kind. They made my experience as enjoyable as possible!”
Desiree Pater

“Dr. Girardot is a fantastic orthodontist. He is very knowledgeable and we always knew we were in good hands. We are pleased with the results of the treatment. Thank you so much, Dr. Girardot, for all your hard work!”
Jessica Ruger

“I am very satisfied with the work done to my teeth. They are being taken care of as Dr. G said. I really love having straight teeth. The service at the office was great and it seemed like everyone cared and got along with me.”
Alexis Tenorio

“I love the way that my teeth turned out. I smile at everyone I can and get lots of compliments on them! Thanks Again!”
Jana Van Gytenbeek

“I had orthodontic treatment and I am so happy I went through it all. Dr. G and his staff have been wonderful and I have no more pain in my jaw and my teeth have never looked so beautiful! Thanks!”
Ashley Hastedt

“We were very pleased with the overall orthodontic experience, in that Dr. Girardot addressed all areas that required attention and the results speak highly to his dedication in the field. Taylor’s treatment plan was well executed and thorough. Although the entire treatment period extended to 30 months, the additional length of time was warranted and the final results were exceptional.”
Renee Heinemeyer

“Dr. Girardot – We couldn’t have made a better choice. He provides a rare combination of expertise and mindfulness; and his patient service was both beyond reproach and comprehensive. The entire staff has been fantastic – (Courtney is the best!) Thanks for all you’ve done for us. We’ll miss the monthly visits!”
Todd, Debbie and Bo Wilder

“Dr. Girardot and his excellent staff were wonderful, cooperative and exceedingly competent. The orthodontia surpassed my goals and throught the treatment they always worked hard to address any issues (and they were few and minimal) immediately-even on holidays weekends. I recommend Dr. G and his outstanding crew to anyone.”
Roy Evans

“Just want to thank you for taking such good care of me – and expecially the payment plan and not having to wait for appointments. Dr. Girardot is the best I’ve ever been to.”
Janice Visscher

“Our family has been seeing Dr. Girardot over the past 10 years. It has been consistently a very positive experience for all three of my children. We are so pleased with the final result of each child’s bite. As a parent, I know that they received the best possible orthodontic care.”
Jean Dembowski

“I am pleased with my new orthodontic work, creating a new smile that I waited 60 years for! Thank you Dr. Girardot and his team! Everyone was extremely professional and caring throughout the whole process. Thank you very much!”
Cheryl Vandell

“Dr. Girardot and staff are wonderful. I am very pleased with the results. The staff is always ready to go that “extra mile” to make sure I am satisfied. Dr. Girardot is very talented and knowledgeable.”
Nathalie Duran

“I was suffering joint pain that was often severe. The fact that I had implants made my case more challenging. My teeth hit together in front and did not line up. Dr. Girardot gave me an overbite and got my front teeth aligned. He and his staff are friendly, professional and work quickly.”
Aurora Ruiz-Hernandez

“As an adult orthodontic patient, I was certainly not anxious to get braces. My profession and busy lifestyle didn’t lend themselves well to walking around with orthodontics on my teeth. However, after coming to Dr. G, (he had been my sister’s orthodontist 25 years ago!) he made it clear to me how this needed to be a priority-my crossbite was causing bone damage, and aside from aesthetics, I needed to correct my bite for health reasons. Almost 2 years later my braces came off and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Thank you for your understanding Dr. G!”
Jennifer Hallam

“I am very pleased with the high level of care and attention I received throughout my orthodontic experience. I am happy to have such a good balance of improved function and a more aesthetic smile. I appreciate the good work and the great results. My wife does too!”
Steven Howe

I am absolutely happy with my orthodontic treatment – I love my smile. As an older adult patient I appreciated the time spent explaining the treatment plan and progress. Dr. G worked very well in communicating with the other dental professionals who collaborated on my treatment-general dentist, surgeon, periodontist and endodontist. I highly recommend this practice.
Steve Lawrence

Dr. Girardot,

As I am nearing the end of my orthodontic treatment with you I want to offer these comments.

As a clinical psychologist keenly aware of human relationships and interactions I can say that Dr. Girardot and his team were exceptional with understanding, support and education during my orthodontic treatment.

Dr. Girardot’s expertise is immediately obvious and the team he directs is highly professional yet personable at the same time.  He clearly love his work.  My own experience speaks loudly that Dr. Girardot is a superior orthodontist with admirable humility and respect for the doctor-patient relationship.

I feel very fortunate to be your patient.

Craig Rose, Ph.D


Dr. G and his staff were absolutely amazing.  They were always friendly and courteous and helpful in every way.  It’s been great to get to know everyone over the years!

Daniel Kushner

Dear Dr. G and staff,

I felt like I never wrote a proper thank you to you all for my wonderful treatment.  Right from the beginning, I felt like a real person patient and not just another anonymous body in the chair.  Everyone knew my name on the first appointment and remained in that warm, friendly way throughout the entire course of my treatment. Dr. G, you are a wonderful doctor and person.  You were able to diagnose my bite difficulties from the very beginning. And you worked with me patiently and diligently to correct my bite. Plus, my migraine headaches have greatly diminished!  I only wish my children were still young so I could bring them to Dr. G. Thanks for everything!

Marlin Barad

Dr. G provided thorough and excellent care, from careful diagnosis of my individual situation to individualized care along the way.  When certain phases of the treatment were uncomfortable or difficult to mange, he gave me doable options and alternatives.  It wasn’t  an easy two years, but Dr. G made it doable every step of the way and the final results are outstanding.  He’s a great orthodontist and a classy dude!

Martha Peck

When I first came to Dr. G I was in terrible pain all the time because of TMJ.  The work Dr. G has done has greatly reduced my pain and am very appreciative of his patience with my long journey.  His staff is always warm and inviting.  It’s been a long term consistent and positive experience.

Karie Yoshioka

“Dr. G has made something that’s usually dreaded into something fun and quite enjoyable. The friendly atmosphere of the office makes it no problem to get braces tightened and molds made. At Dr. G’s, I’m always caught up on the latest celebrity gossip because of the people magazines! Also, after referring my best friend, ortho appointments together were the best! Thanks Dr. G and everyone for giving me perfection jaw function and, another facebook friend!”
Rachel Zalkind

Dr. G has been great handling my issues.  Always explained everything throughout the whole process.  His staff was also very helpful and nice.

Paige Graham

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