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Orthodontics is a dental specialty involving alignment of the teeth and jaws. The way the teeth fit together (occlusion) affects the function of the jaw joints and muscles. Properly aligned teeth reduce the prospect of decay, gum disease and TMJ problems while improving the ability to chew and speak. We know proper orthodontics involves focusing on occlusion in order to achieve the perfect smile that is healthy and durable. By wearing braces you are taking a positive step that can not only improve the health of your mouth for a lifetime, but also improve your appearance and self-esteem.

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The 8 Goals of Treatment

What do the Eight Goals of Treatment look like? View our guide to learn the eight crucial guidelines along the Pathway to Excellence

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Phase I

Refers to an early stage of treatment for patients usually between the ages of 6-11 that have moderate to severe orthodontic problems. This phase is normally completed before all of the permanent teeth have erupted and can vary from patient to patient. Dr. Girardot is conservative with Phase I treatment and does not recommend it unless he can make a significant difference for the patient. A common procedure in our office is to expand the upper jaw. This is best done early and can have a profound affect, not only on the bite but on the airway as well.

Phase II

Full orthodontic treatment designed to achieve our final goals of health, stability and esthetics.

Splint Therapy

An important phase of treatment for those patients suffering from pain, dysfunction and general decline of the chewing system. Traditionally splint therapy has been reserved for adult patients. Recent research indicates that splint therapy can be very important for growing patients. Damage to the jaw joints can negatively affect growth of the lower jaw and face.

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