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“This course ‘demystifies’ occlusion.”
Dr. Leana Grace

“The Advanced Occlusion course as taught by Dr. Girardot was excellent. The course covered all aspects of science that are applied to the understanding of the function. Each science temporomandibular joint was backed up with foot notes referring back to the study that the axiom was based on. Nothing was just Dr. Girardot’s opinion. Everything was backed up with conclusions based on studies. The lectures covered anatomy, physiology, diagnosis, treatment planning and hands on workshop. The class was extremely clear and well organized. Thank you Andy!”
Dr. Steve Karden

“Dr. Girardot’s occlusion course was truly an eye opening experience.  I was able to implement the techniques and knowledge from the course immediately.  I feel extremely fortunate to have been able to take the course so early in my career.”
Dr. Matt Mauck

“I would highly recommend this course—even if a clinician has been involved with another occlusion philosophy. This is undoubtedly the most informative occlusion course I have taken, and I have taken quite a few.”
Dr. David Hedrick

“My father used to say, ‘The successful person does what the unsuccessful person is not willing to do.’ Take this course! Be the successful professional. This course is a large investment of time. Yet, Dr. G delivers a tremendous amount of knowledge in a fashion that simplifies a complicated subject. You leave with the appropriate tools to diagnose and treat cases that I traditionally referred out (because I didn’t feel I had the knowledge to treat myself).”
Dr. Yvette Killingsworth

“I recommend Andy’s course to any GP interested in gaining a better understanding of occlusion and how the principles can be applied to everyday practice. The combination of lectures followed by hands on demonstrations helps make sure you can apply what you learned as soon as you get back to your practice.”
Dr. Jessica Klabak

“ Excellent course! It is the first time I truly understood principles of good occlusion and proper treatment. Hands-on helps to use theory in practical environment and practice the skills.”
Dr. Anna Burger

“I wanted a better understanding of what causes TMD and how to properly diagnose and treat it. Dr. Girardot’s class was really eye opening and very helpful. I would recommend this class to every general dentist as TMD/TMJ/AIRWAY become more prevalent.”
Dr. Chris Whitestome

“ This class is not radical or extreme. Any dentist who does not understand the principles taught in this course is walking a tight rope over dangerous water. Much continuing education is low yield where a few small tidbits are taken away. This course provides a bounty of evidence based on practical knowledge that can be applied for an entire career.”
Dr. Ryan Johnson

“ Great course ! This course is extremely beneficial for both young and old clinicians alike who are seeking better understanding of the importance and relationship of the TMJ, neuromusculature, and occlusion. Although Dr. Girardot specializes in orthodontics, he does an excellent job applying these topics for general dentists. I strongly believe that the more these laws are applied by clinicians, the better off patients will be in the long run. Thank you!”
Dr. Rose Cummins

“This information is not taught in dental school and esthetics courses. This information is inadequately covered by the popular occlusion courses I have attended. Just by knowing how centric is elusive and, via splint therapy, is knowable with precise determinability avoids some huge failures.”
Dr. Jim Rezac

“As a dental student, this course sets a strong foundation for me to learn and aim for excellent dentistry.”
Dr. Hira Khan

This is a great course to bring together all that you’ve learned about occlusion and TMD into a concise understanding of the gnathic system. Dr. Girardot does a great job explaining how every dental specialty can and should help to achieve and maintain joint and occlusal health and stability to best treat our patients.”
Dr. Renee Moran

“This is a course I think every dental provider’s practice and patients would benefit from.”
Dr. Chris Patterson

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