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What makes us different?

We create smiles that last a

What makes us different?

Friendly service
great results.

What makes us different?

Orthodontics for
teens & kids.

What makes us different?

We believe orthodontics should be a health service, as well as a cosmetic service.

Dr. Girardot is a recognized expert in the function of the human chewing system. Our orthodontic treatment integrates function, health, and stability with attractive smiles and facial balance. We treat patients of all ages from six years to eighty-two years.

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We create smiles that last a lifetime

Meet Dr. Andrew Girardot

Dr. Girardot attended dental school at the University of Southern California where he graduated in the top 10 percent of his class with a distinguished award for clinical skills. After graduation he taught operative dentistry for two years at USC, then he entered orthodontic school there. In the two year interim between dental and orthodontic schools, Dr. G cultivated a strong interest for restorative dentistry and especially full mouth rehabilitation, which involves restoring most, if not all, of the teeth at one time, and requires a thorough knowledge of the function of the chewing system. Subsequently he recognized that orthodontics was a form of full mouth rehabilitation with the potential to correct the bite using nature’s own substance, enamel, instead of porcelain and gold. Furthermore, bite correction orthodontics can prevent problems that cause decline in the chewing system.

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What Our Patients Say

“I am very pleased with the orthodontic results achieved with Dr. G. I had braces on my bottom teeth for about 10 months and I am very happy with results. Dr. G estimated the time I would be in braces very accurately and thanks to him, my teeth are perfectly straight!”
– James Harrison

“Dr. Girardot and his entire staff are great. They are courteous, friendly and very professional. Dr. Girardot is more concerned about quality and a “total” solution – not just straightening teeth for cosmetic purposes. I have and will continue to highly recommend him.”
– Richard Kingsley

“We have been patients of Dr. Girardot’s practice for years. His expertise is unmatched in the Denver area and I trust his ability and judgement.”
– Lara Knuettel

“Dr. G’s practice amazed me a lot! His different techniques were very impressive! What changed my opinion the most was the TAD technique. It was painful, but great and effective. Thank you very much.”
– Kirby Guynn

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